Carpet Care

Carpet maintenance

What should be considered in the use of carpet, how to use carpet.

Use and maintenance
guide for the carpet

With carpet usage rules, the life of your carpet is extended and the quality is preserved.

First aid
for stains

The first intervention to the stains on your carpet is as important as first aid.

Cleaning Instructions

How to clean natural carpets, download the cleaning guide.


  • Below recommendations are quite important and necessary so that your carpet preserves its beauty and durability for longer periods.

  • In case fluff threads under heavy furniture are squeezed, the carpet threads in this region should preferably be brushed first and later be swept with vacuum cleaner that performs forging.

  • Maintenance should be performed at certain intervals by vacuum cleaner so that the dusts accumulating on the carpet do not settle on the base and between the carpet threads.

  • Sweeping should be done with vacuum cleaner, in the sweeping direction of carpet threads and with slow movements.

  • During cleaning, carpet mustn’t be subject to harsh impacts such as pounding or whisking. One should avoid using excessive water and white soap when cleaning carpets.

  • Carpets should never be washed, they should be wiped with water after being cleaned with white soap and be dried promptly.

  • Any staining material poured on the carpet can only be removed if one intervenes rapidly and correctly. .

  • Such stains should first be absorbed using the highest setting of the vacuum cleaner, should later be cleaned with small quantities of water and white soap through movements in the sweeping direction and finally, the moisture remaining should be removed by buffering with vacuum cleaner or moisture absorbing cloth or a similar material (such as handkerchief).

  • Stain removal should be tried first at an invisible point of the carpet with a chemical that will be used for stain removal.

  • Carpet threads that are present in the region of cleaning, should be combed with a brush in a manner that they stand vertical. Carpets should be kept away from heat emitting devices such as stoves, etc.

  • Carpets shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, as this can damage the carpet.

  • When transporting, carpets should be protected against wetting or damage by hard, sharp and cutter objects.


  • In order that the dusts accumulating on the carpet do not settle on the base and between the carpet threads, the carpet shouldn’t be whisked or pounded. Carpets should be cleaned by vacuum cleaner.

  • As our carpets undergo a special washing procedure, they should be cleaned by wiping, carpet shampoo should be used and the carpet should be dried promptly.

  • When you need to wash your carpet, please have it performed by expert & professional carpet washers. We especially remind you that your carpet is made of wool.

  • Chemicals such as detergents, laundry bleaches, chlorine, etc... should never be used for cleaning carpets.

  • Hard objects and furniture that are placed on the carpet shouldn’t be left at the same location for long periods.

  • When the carpet is not in use, it shouldn’t be folded but should be rolled and kept in a moisture-free environment that allows air contact. During transportation, one should prevent it from being squeezed under heavy objects, wetting and being damaged due to hard and sharp objects.

  • Damages due to transportation and cleaning applications are excluded from Our Guarantee.


  • One should intervene promptly as soon as the stain occurs. Otherwise, removing stain can be difficult or even impossible.

  • One should initially aim at removing the object that caused the stain without applying any chemical procedures. Before applying any chemicals on the carpet, the stain should be absorbed from the carpet as much as possible. Pressing on and carving stain is not correct as it will further engrave the stain into the carpet.

  • If you try to remove the stain with white soap, you should only use the form of the white soap. You may cause a dirty look if you use shampoo or water.

  • For avoiding permanent damages on the fluff and texture of the carpet, only recommended carpet cleaning products should be used and chemicals such as laundry bleaches should be avoided.

  • In order to prevent the spreading of stains, the direction of stain cleaning should be from the exterior to the center.

  • After cleaning, the stain may again become visible on the dried carpet. The reason is that during dissolution, the stain descends to the dry fluff root and as drying occurs from the bottom to the fluff section, the stain may appear again.

  • Therefore, you may have to repeat the cleaning procedure several times.